Passing the Buck to Bonnie (for Days in a Sentence)

Bonnie has graciously agreed to guest host Days in a Sentence this week, and I urge you to cruise on over to her blog and add your thoughts to the mix this week. While you are there, you should see the other things that she is up to, including an article she wrote on blogging with teachers in the summer, a lot of other kinds of writing, and well, just good stuff all around.

And I urge you to check out the Edublog Awards, too, for a whole list of pretty neat blogs and resources that you can add to your list of must-reads.

Peace (in paths),

Edublog Awards … and me

There is considerable debate in the blogosphere about the value of any online awards system and I can see both sides of the coin. It is strange to narrow a vision to just a few sites in a sea of millions, and yet, I find that award systems allow me to discover many new places that become valuable parts of my network. If someone has taken the time to nominate a site, it must have some value.

I say this because the finalists for the Edublog Awards for 2008 have been announced, and so I went there, searching for some new RSS feeds. I am always looking for new voices and new resources.

And, there, in the category of Best Teacher Blog was my own Kevin’s Meandering Mind. I want to thank any and all of you who may have submitted this site forward to the nominating committee. I am honored to think that there are folks who find what I sprawl on about useful.

Again, thank you.

Peace (in recognition),

What I would say …

One of the superintendents in our system asked me, and some others, for some video for a presentation he is giving to elementary teachers on how and why to think about technology in the classroom. I sort of whipped this together this weekend and if he uses it, great. If not, that’s fine, too, but it allowed me to reflect on some of the projects I have been doing with my students this year.

Peace (in reflection),