Book Review: Footnotes (from the World’s Greatest Bookstores)

I could re-read this a few times, just because … I love the quirks of independent bookstores. Illustrator Bob Eckstein’s collection of stories and drawings/paintings of bookstores from around the world make Footnotes* From the World’s Greatest Bookstores a visual delight, made even better with short anecdotes of strange happenings and wonders from┬áthose places.

If you love stories, and if you love books, and if you love bookstores with an independent spirit, then Eckstein’s collection is for you. I got this one out of the library and am now eyeing the “14 Day” sticker on the cover with a bit of trepidation.

I joked to my wife, a librarian and book lover like me, that we could use this book to start planning our future retirement travels. I was only half-joking.

Peace (in the stacks),