Storyboarding Stopmotion Movies

We continue to inch along towards the filming of our stopmotion movies around Figurative Language and my students are raring to go. But not yet. I had then storyboard out their ideas yesterday. I explained to them that these storyboards will become like a “roadmap” for the filming, guiding them along their story. Here are […]

“Playtime” with Stopmotion

(This shot seemed cool — it’s from my demo of using the software. You can see the set I have on the ground, the laptop and then the whiteboard.) I always set aside a full class period for my student to play around with the technology they will be using for a project. Right now, […]

The “Pitches” for Stopmotion Movies

I am hoping to end our school year on a creative note, launching a unit around Figurative Language through Stopmotion movies. My students are right in the starting stages. They have been given a Figurative Language term and now are working on a story idea around that term. Yesterday, I had them working on a […]

Making the WikiStix Dance with Stopmotion

This is my last reflective post from the Dublin Literacy Conference, which took place in Ohio last weekend. Along with working with teachers, I was asked to lead a family session, too, which I readily agreed to. I love that kids and their parents are invited to attend portions of a conference for teachers, and […]

My New Stopmotion Movie Web Resource

(Head to Making Stopmotion Movies) In less than a week, I will be heading off to Ohio for the Dublin Literacy Conference and one of my sessions is with parents and kids around creating stopmotion movies. I have handouts, but I really wanted a website resource that I could direct people to if they were […]

Check out 24 Frames — a stopmotion movie

This is pretty neat — a movie about making a movie, done in claymation animation. It’s by Brad Patullo and the movie, which apparently garnered praise at various film festivals, is called 24 Frames. Here is the first part: And Part 1 here Part 2 here Part 3 here Peace (in the frames), Kevin

Bringing Books to Life: Stopmotion

This is a pretty incredible video for the New Zealand Book Council, bringing elements of Maurice Gee’s Going West to life. It’s spooky and a bit scary, but completely entrancing. And I love the tag line: Where Books Come to Life. Love that. Peace (on the pages), Kevin

Ray Harryhausen: Master of Stopmotion

Wow Youtube again. This time, it is a six-part documentary about Ray Harryhausen, whose work with stopmotion animation and puppets thrilled me as a kid. You probably know the work if you stumbled into dark cinemas on rainy Saturdays for a buck and caught the matinees (Clash of the Titans, Jason and the Argonauts, the […]

Stopmotion Name Movies

We dug right into technology in our first days of school as I had students use Pivot Stickfigure to create short stopmotion animation movies using the letters of their first name. You should have seen the engagement and concentration, and heard the laughter. And you should have seen students reaching over to show another a […]

How to use Sticky Notes for Stopmotion

My friend, George Mayo, posted these two movies at his Vimeo site and they just blew me away. I love the use of sticky notes for stopmotion but I also love the documentary view of creating the movie with sticky notes, too. Shapeshifting Post-It Notes from mrmayo on Vimeo. and THE MAKING OF Shapeshifting Post-It […]