Boolean Squared: In my old school …

My new character, Jenni Peg, gives Boolean some info about her old school where the most interesting part of her learning experience was done in spite of the teacher. I hope that is not the case in your classroom. Or mine.

Peace (in the frame),

Boolean Squared: Girl Tech Power

I am still introducing my new Boolean Squared character, Jenni Peg (Jpeg), and she gets some questions from Boolean. She also lets it be known that she won’t be a meek and quiet girl, but don’t worry — she will not become some annoying genius, either. Like any new kid, she is just trying to stake out her turf.

Peace (in the peg),

Introducing … Jenni Peg

It’s a new year and time for me to introduce another character to my webcomic, Boolean Squared. Since the comic has been overrun with mostly boys in the main roles (Mom and Cylene the Cyborg are girls, by the way), I was asked (by Tina) to add some another female character.

I had been mulling over the idea of adding a new student to the class so it made sense for her to be a girl. I want the new student to be smart, a bit prickly, and much younger than Boolean and Urth — sort of a technology prodigy who has advanced up a few grades.

Her back-story will involve living in Japan for a bit, so that she can talk about the block of businesses and vendors in Tokyo where all cool new tech is introduced to the world.

I asked my PLC network for some cool names for my new character, and Jennifer Brandon — who also came up with the idea for the i-invention that Boolean created earlier — suggested Jenni Peg, or Jpeg. I loved that and would never have come up with that myself. Plus, using Jennifer’s name gives her some props for helping me out with idea.

So, introducing: Jenni Peg

Peace (in the frames),

The Octogon of the Internet? The Rhombus of Reality?

Each morning, my class holds a morning meeting called Circle of Power and Respect, which gives everyone a chance to weigh in with some thoughts, take part in a community activity and get the day off on the right footing. (See Responsive Classroom for more ideas on morning meetings) By now, my students are the leaders of the morning and I am just a participant.

The shape of the circle is important because it connects us all. But Boolean and Urth — in touch with their inner geekness — would rather have some other shapes for their meeting with Mr. Teach in my latest webcomic strip of Boolean Squared.

See the comic; grab the rss.

Peace (in frames),

Skyping the World with Boolean Squared

This week, my webcomic strip tackles one aspect of connecting with other students in the Flat World: once a geek, always a geek. See for yourself at Boolean Squared. (Or grab the RSS feed here.) Next week, Boolean Squared goes twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays).

Meanwhile, I also got a nice mention for Boolean Squared over at The Daily Cartoonist, who writes about webcomics on a regular basis. My comic was part of his weekly roundup.

And, if you haven’t gone there yet, I have set up a website for my other, longer comic pieces. I call it Kevin’s Comics because I am trying to be very original. (hahaha)

Peace (in comics),