Making Movies about Figurative Language

The Longfellow Ten organization — a stopmotion movie syndicate of resourceful students — wants you (and your students) to teach us about figurative language. So LF10 has a challenge up and running — make a simple stopmotion movie about Figurative Language. See the rules at the LF10 site. Come join the fun. Here is a […]

The Edublog Award Winners for 2009

Last night, the winners of this year’s Edublog Awards were announced. There were tweets all over the place as the ceremony was taking place (virtual, of course), but I did have to search around this morning and found the list. Too bad our Longfellow Ten site of student movies didn’t make it, but hopefully, the […]

Vote for the Edublog Awards 2009

The list of bloggers and blog sites for this year’s Edublog Awards are up and open for voting. Even if you don’t have time to vote, you owe it to yourself to scan through the lists and gather up some resources. One of the projects that I helped with — The Longfellow Ten — is […]

Resolving my rants about our Literacy Conference

This is a follow-up to my post the other day about the regional Literacy Conference we are hosting at our school in November that had not one iota of a technology or media or New Literacies component to it. I finally bumped into my principal in the hallway, expressed my feelings about our school — […]

Day One Activity: Make a Movie of Your Name

Each year, I try to find some new and interesting activity for my incoming students (they arrive on Wed, although a few have begun blogging at our classroom blog already .. cool). This breaks the ice, gets them engaged in an activity and allows me time to wander and have conversations with them. This year, […]

The Writers’ Saga, continued

Mark Twain arrived home this week, safe and sound inside an envelope. He is part of a group of Writer figurines making their way around the country by visiting various Summer Institutes of the National Writing Project. We’ve packaged the concept as a spy story, in which The Writers have been instructed by President Obama […]

Sharing out: Claymation and Comics Summer Camp

We’re about half-way through with the four-day summer camps — one that focuses in claymation/stopmotion movies and the other that centers on comics and graphic novels. Both have been incredibly interesting and the middle school students (mostly boys) are very engaged in the work they are doing. In the movie camp, they have been working […]

Bringing Mr. Clay to Life

One different activity I am bringing to Claymation Summer Camp this coming week (ack! So soon!) is to give students a lump of clay and use stopmotion to bring it to life. (I used to use my sons’ toys and create a short movie with those, but I want to get them working with clay […]

The Making of Frog and Toad, explained

I’ve often heard of this little documentary around the making of Frog and Toad claymation/stopmotion movie but I often turn to a DVD extra with Wallace and Gromit to show students a look behind the scenes of stopmotion moviemaking. But I found this movie on Vimeo by John Matthews from the 1980s and it is […]

A Week of Claymation and Comics

Next week, I am co-teaching two summer camps for middle school students with very creative aims: help young people make movies and create comics. These offerings are a collaboration between the local Vocational High School and the Western Massachusetts Writing Project, which is seeking to expand our offerings to youths. The first camp in the […]