How to Rock a MOOC (remix)

Just having some fun with Mozilla Webmaker’s Thimble, which makes everything completely remixable. Haven’t tried Thimble out yet? Give it a shot. Remix my How to Rock a MOOC. It’s yours to mess with. (Click on image or go here to see the full page) Peace (in the mix and remix), Kevin

How to Remix with X-Ray Goggles, and Why You Should Bother

The theme of the Make Cycle with the Making Learning Connected MOOC is now Hacking Your Writing. I decided I would hack the newsletter announcing the them of Hacking Your Writing. I used Mozilla’s X-Ray Goggles, which allows you to create an overlay on websites, and provides you with the opportunity to remix/hack the site, […]

Remixing Judy: How a Poem Inspires a Poem

The theme this week with a MOOC (sort of) around the five elements of creativity is “the remix” and as I thought about it, I kept coming back to a poem that Judi Moreillon left a comment at my blog post over at MiddleWeb the other day. Judy’s poem captured the end of the year, […]

Remixing Dave with YouTube Video Editor

I was watching a video interview with Dave Cormier, whose work around open learning is so thoughtful and interesting (and whose Rhizomatic Learning course was a fantastic learning adventure earlier this year), when I got distracted by a “remix this video” button. Of course, I clicked the button. And I got pulled into the YouTube […]

An Audio Remix: Making Learning Relevant

I’ve been exploring the Making Learning Relevant project from the Connected Learning Alliance and decided to tap into Popcorn Maker to create a remix of some of the podcasts and images they have been collecting. (Popcorn Maker by Webmaker is fun to use with different media but it is not yet a seamless experience in […]

Teach the Web: A Remixable Credo

I am dipping into this year’s Teach the Web by Mozilla. I took part last year and learned a whole lot. This year, I might not have as much time, but I love how they have really broadened the inquiry along a few different lines. One of the introductory activities is to do a Make […]

Saturday Morning Line Lifting (poetic remix)

I did some lifting of lines on Twitter yesterday morning, as part of my “line lifting” project to remix new poems from the shards of others’ poems. I’ve written about why I do this (to honor writers and to celebrate the remix of ideas) in a previous post, in case you are curious. [View the […]

The Office Time Machine Project: Cultural References Remix

Wow. To prove culture is not only everywhere, but that certain references to films, songs, and works of art are critical for our collective understanding of comedy and to the importance of relating to content, I found every cultural, real-life reference from every episode of The Office. – Joe Sabia This Office Time Machine remix […]

Remixing the Comics: Standardized Testing

You might guess that we are into standardized testing time in our school and state. Hey. You’d be right! I was reading the comics with that on my mind and frames began jumping out me. I just had to hack and remix the comics as a sort of commentary about testing. I used ThingLink as […]