Giving Thanks: Keepers of the Flame

This video from my friends at Fablevision (Peter and Paul Reynolds) made its way to my mailbox this week, as they offered to thanks to teachers in their network. It’s a quiet poem, with the power of gratitude, and it is infused with the Reynolds’ gentle touch of art and hope and wonder. If you […]

Strange Things in Sixth Grade (Picture Book Project)

Last spring, my sixth graders worked on a book of memories from their time at our elementary school (they have now all moved on to either the regional middle/high school or another place). It’s a tradition that our librarian and myself have started with our writers as they leave our school. For the past two […]

Create Bravely with Storytelling

We had a visitor to our school yesterday with a clear and inspiring message. Paul Reynolds, author and president of Fablevision media company (and twin brother of Peter Reynolds, author of the The Dot and Ish and now out on tour to support his new book, Beautiful Dreamer) presented a message of nurturing creativity and perseverance to […]

Making (Digital to Bound) Picture Books

We’re in our second year of a partnership of sorts with Boston-based Fablevision, a media and publishing company run by author/illustrator Peter Reynolds (of The Dot fame) and his twin brother, Paul Reynolds. Last year, we beta-tested their publishing site that allows you to make picture books, with a Reynolds-artistic-feel, in an online space that […]

Writing in Circles for Dot Day

Yesterday was International Dot Day, and this is the first year I had my students join the millions (6.6 million from 139 countries, in fact) people making circles and dots as a way to nurture a sense of creativity and imagination. The Dot Day idea stems from a picture book by Peter Reynolds, called The […]

Chalking It Up to the Power of Dots

I’ve written about our school’s new connection to writer/illustrator Peter Reynolds and the Fablevision media company out of Boston. Reynolds is a writer and illustrator, perhaps best know for his picture books, including The Dot. We’ve helping to beta-test a publishing platform for Fablevision, and Peter and Paul Reynolds (of Fablevision) came to our school […]

At Middleweb: A Few Lost Minutes

flickr photo shared by Leo Reynolds under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC-SA ) license Over at my blog at Middleweb, I explore something that has been bothering me all year. We added five minutes to each of our classes for more instruction. The trade-off was losing social connection time. I’m not sure it was worth […]

Sparking Creative Thinking and Rich Imagination

Is there anything better than bringing some talented guests into a classroom and school who then urge everyone in the room, teachers included, to lead a creative life full of possibilities? That was the clear message from writer/illustrator Peter Reynolds and his equally talented brother, Paul Reynolds, as they visited my school to observe students working […]