Slice of Life: A Dog, A Ball, And Some Snow

It was a decent New England snowstorm for March. It happened mostly overnight from Friday into Saturday, so there was little impact on school or travel. It was fluffy but sort of heavy. So, sticky. There was more than enough to cover mostly everything.

And Rayna, our younger dog, had a blast in the morning, barreling around the backyard after uncovering one of her toys — it’s actually a horse ball, but the handle was long ago ripped/bitten off — and now she is adept at putting her snout inside the hole (where the handle used to be) and tossing the ball into the air, then bopping it off her nose, as she races around.

Rayna in Snow

I was trying to catch her in the act with my phone’s camera, but only got this shot. It’s her eyes, though, that I like most — she’s in her intense play mode here.

Then I decided to go another step further, since I liked that image so much, and put it into an art app called Oilist, and made two different variations, capturing the app’s process along the way. I folded both iterations into this video: Rayna’s Art Show.


Peace (and Dogs),

Slice of Life: Piano Crates And Imagination Rhythm

I’ve had time on my hands this past week and so I’ve wandered into making a few tracks of music. Here are two songs from yesterday, each capturing a little different emotional spin from being stuck temporarily at home. (Note: I think the songs are best experienced in headphones.)


Piano Crates (link)


Imagination Rhythm (link)

Peace (Rhythm and Sound),

Second Half of FlashFeb Drawings

This is the second installment of my curation of illustrations done for Flash Feb (where a prompt with an F in the title invited art).

Here is the first compilation for Days 1-15.

Peace (and Drawing),

Slice of Life: A Gift Of Soup And Kindness

I was out, walking the elder dog, when I saw a dear friend and neighbor walking her dog. She has been in the midst of medical care, and before I could ask how she was doing, she wondered why I was out walking instead of at work, teaching. I told her about my positive test, and my underlying cold-like symptoms, and then she gave me her own update.

As she was walking away, she turned back and told me her freezer was too full with many food deliveries from family and friends, including chicken soup, and that I should take some, and that she would leave it out on her porch, in a cooler. Later, walking the other (younger) dog, I did just that, grabbing a freezer bag of soup, and noticing she left me a bonus, too: a cookie.

Slice Of Life Soup

Both soup and cookie were delicious, and what a reminder it was that our lives are enriched by family and friends who keep an eye out on, and for, each other.

Peace (in hot mugs),

Slice of Life: Letting The Bot Blog

This kind of experiment with AI is now way overdone by too many bloggers, but I figured I’d ask ChatGPT to write me a Slice of Life blog post for today, and see what it came up with.

I asked it:

Write a slice of life blog post about a day sick at home, reading books, walking dogs, and wondering how students in the classroom are doing with a substitute teacher

It replied – in a response it entitled “Sick Day Worries”:

AI Blog Post

And, well, it’s words capture much of my worries and the slow unfolding of the day at home yesterday with books and dogs, and such, including a cup of tea in the afternon and some soup as snack. We live in strange times. (But, alas, Bot, I won’t be back to school this week at all)

And the image below? That comes from Stable Diffusion, another AI, which I asked to generate a watercolor image of a man walking two dogs on a winter day. It sorta looks like the dogs and I out on a ramble.

man with dogs on winter day

Peace (Automated),

Slice of Life: The Start of March

Slice via DallEYesterday, I wrote a post about how I might not take part in too many days of this year’s Slice of Life for various reasons, and here I am, on the first day, popping in. Go figure.  (The art here is from Dall-E2, with the prompt of a “slice of orange, done as digital art” – one of my ideas was to maybe share some art as slices, but I am not sure how that would even work yet.)

I’m stuck home this week because I tested positive on Monday (but mostly feel OK — just some cold-like symptoms) and need to quarantine through Saturday, and then mask up next week upon return to school. It’s been so long since I’ve had to think about it that I didn’t even remember the protocols. But basically, we had a week of winter vacation last week, one day of school on Monday, then a Snow Day yesterday, and now I am out for the next three days. Weird.

So yesterday, I was busy working on lesson plans for a substitute for three days and groaning about that work for a few hours (luckily, we just moved into Figurative Language, so there are plenty of fun activities for the students to do).

Then, late last night, I received an email (which I only saw this morning) from a student who had a terrible family emergency, and I feel as if being stuck at home is the worst thing I can be doing right now, instead of being in school, helping my class work through a difficult situation.

And so begins March …

Peace (and pondering),

PS — I did blast a loud shout-out to the Slice of Life Challenge in a National Writing Project space, so I hope some of those friends engage, too, as much as possible. I mean, teachers as writers! That’s a NWP motto.