Slice of Life: The Start of March

Slice via DallEYesterday, I wrote a post about how I might not take part in too many days of this year’s Slice of Life for various reasons, and here I am, on the first day, popping in. Go figure.  (The art here is from Dall-E2, with the prompt of a “slice of orange, done as digital art” – one of my ideas was to maybe share some art as slices, but I am not sure how that would even work yet.)

I’m stuck home this week because I tested positive on Monday (but mostly feel OK — just some cold-like symptoms) and need to quarantine through Saturday, and then mask up next week upon return to school. It’s been so long since I’ve had to think about it that I didn’t even remember the protocols. But basically, we had a week of winter vacation last week, one day of school on Monday, then a Snow Day yesterday, and now I am out for the next three days. Weird.

So yesterday, I was busy working on lesson plans for a substitute for three days and groaning about that work for a few hours (luckily, we just moved into Figurative Language, so there are plenty of fun activities for the students to do).

Then, late last night, I received an email (which I only saw this morning) from a student who had a terrible family emergency, and I feel as if being stuck at home is the worst thing I can be doing right now, instead of being in school, helping my class work through a difficult situation.

And so begins March …

Peace (and pondering),

PS — I did blast a loud shout-out to the Slice of Life Challenge in a National Writing Project space, so I hope some of those friends engage, too, as much as possible. I mean, teachers as writers! That’s a NWP motto.

  1. I am noticing a theme this morning with Slicers being on the fence about joining, yet are here. That orange ls stunning. Seeing it makes me happy and refreshed. I hope you will be able to art-slice; the writing will find a way… hope more teachers will find their way into the Challenge, too. Prayers for your strength in current situation and also for the student and family.

    It is always good to read your words.

  2. Kevin, I thought of you as I was deciding what to write and post today. Even though my chosen slice felt like a lame post, I am ok with it and said so in the note at the end. For me, there is power and growth in the just showing up, AND so glad you did today because I love the art work image! And I can appreciate the struggle you show in your writing – home sick (reminding me of all we have been through due to Covid) and upset that you can’t be there to support a student. Your slice shows so much about being a supportive teacher. Rest and keep showing up!

  3. When our students have to deal with complicated issues, even when we can’t do anything, we can be there….unless we are quarantined and can’t even do that. I feel your pain on this (I was quarantined the first week of the new year and had a similar situation). Glad to see you are Slicing today, though!

  4. Your slice has so many elements to it- love the art and the empathy you have for your students. I am glad you are feeling okayish, sorry you have to write sub plans. So glad to see you here again.

  5. Kevin, I love the art. I’d like to write to art for my April project. Maybe we can exchange or something…
    I’m sorry you are sick at the worst possible time, when you need and want to be supporting your students. I’m sure you will find a way. Get well soon!

  6. There is something comforting in knowing that you are here. You are a rock star of slicing. You have shown creative ways to approach this challenge and I look forward to seeing what you’ll do this year.

  7. Oh no! What a start to March. I know I am feeling that lion start here–at least weather-wise, with my students cooped up indoors as the rain and wind whipped and whirled outside today.

    I hope you are feeling better and you find a way to reach out to your students. Glad you made it here today.

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