The Linux Penguin to the Rescue

Boolean gives more details about his dream in which Apple and Microsoft represent his conscience and just when he is caught in the conundrum of hacking dilemma, along comes a penguin …

Peace (in the code),

Boolean, Apple and Microsoft

Today, Boolean explains a dream that he has had, in which Apple and Microsoft icons are his “inner voice.” My original thought was to have cartoons of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, but I wasn’t sure whether I could pull it off and if I might run into copyright issues (something Boolean would not give a hoot about). I think the icons are more effective, though.
App challenge 7

Peace (in the hack),

Hacking into Mr. Teach

Here, my story arc with Boolean and the Imagination App Challenge continues. Boolean is designing a Grade Remorse Calculator and needs to do a bit of hacking to get data.

Peace (in the app),

Taking apart the device

This is the second installment of my comic story about the Imagination App Competition. Mr. Teach left the boys alone with his MeTouch device and Boolean has taken advantage of the time.

Peace (in the insides),

The Imagination App Challenge

In a recent poem project with my students, most listed one of the things they would like to have as an iTouch. This is the first year I have seen that device listed on any of the start-of-the-year projects. So, I thought it would make sense to poke fun at using the iTouch with Boolean Squared.

I sent out a call through some of my networks, asking for some ideas on what application for the iTouch/iPod/iPhone we think students would create, if we ever gave them the opportunity.

And so, this begins the first of a series of comics about Boolean’s entry into the Imagination App Challenge.

Peace (in the App),

Any publicity is good publicity

This is the final installment of “Mr. Teach’s Chin” in which his principal is not so upset about the viral video of him smashing into the Smartypants Board as Mr. Teach expected. And, just like me, when the bandage comes off, Mr. Teach will have healed completely and have no last marks.

Peace (in the unexpected),

Mr. Teach goes viral

Here is the second comic about Mr. Teach’s accident with his Smartypants Board, which just happened to be captured on video and, well, as most things are now — the video went viral.

Peace (in the pain),

Mr. Teach Takes it on the Chin

Some of you may know that I had to get four stitches on my chin last week after a self-inflicted injury during a whitewater rafting trip with my students. It has to do with a bucket, the desire to drench some students with water and a slippery boot. Ouch!

Of  course, I can’t let a moment like that get away from me, so Mr. Teach — sorry, dude — has a run-in with his Smartypants Board and injures his chin, too. I decided to make it a “virtual field trip” experience because the idea of getting injured on a virtual field trip had me chuckling.

Peace (in the face),