Introducing: Boolean’s New Cyborg Friend

So, here is my new character which Boolean built out of old abandoned computers that he has gotten off a site called Freejunk.. More strips are coming with her in it. Actually, in the early days of Boolean Squared, Funk the llama was an alien from outer space who crash-landed on Boolean’s lawn. But, I decided to move away from that idea and made Funk a llama who loves the music of James Brown (I still like that idea).

I guess I have slightly resurrected an early idea of Funk with Boolean’s new cyborg. I think she is cute.

Peace (in the parts),

Boolean and the Cyborg

Here is my third installment of Boolean Squared as Boolean culls through a pile of old computers to begin building his own cyborg. Dangerous, you say? Perhaps. But comics are all about danger. Wait until you see what he constructs from the carcasses of discarded computers.

Peace (in the refuse),

Freejunk — Boolean can’t resist

We use the Freecycle quite a bit to get rid of stuff and to get stuff. What a great idea. But I imagine that there are plenty of folks who get a ton of junk from Freecycle because, well, they can. Here, I begin to poke fun at Freecycle as Boolean discovers “Freejunk.” This is leading towards introducing a new character to my Boolean Squared comic.

Peace (in the pile),

Boolean Squared Blabbers On … and On

I use Twitter all the time for networking and writing (I am on Twitter at and find it both useful and frustrating, but I see it as a powerful resource. Some of you may remember that I published a song about Twitter called Twitter This (take a listen)

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to make fun of Twitter and so, I begin a series of Boolean Squared comics about a Twitter-like site that Mr. Teach is using called Blabber.

In this first one, a simple question leads to a math problem.

Peace (in the talk),


Ascii-ing for Trouble

I have to apologize for the joke in this comic. I just couldn’t resist. I was working on a series of comics this morning, making fun of Twitter (I’ll post them later this week) and during some down time, I made this one up, too. It’s a throw-away of sorts, but heck … I get a chuckle out of it.

I used an Ascii generator site to create the image.

Peace (in the groans),

The Day After …. Open House

I wondered what Boolean’s Mom and Mr. Teach would talk about, and how that would translate back at home after an Open House. My guess is that they would think Boolean spends too much time on his computer.

Peace (in the aftermath),

Moms and the Desks

At our Curriculum Night last night, I noticed something: every mom wanted to know where their child’s desk was and then went on to rummage through all of the books and papers and whoknowswhatelseinthere.

Thus, inspired, here is a Boolean Squared comic about the situation:

Peace (in the desk),