Boolean and the Smartypants Interactive Board

I wrote recently how I now have a Promethean Interactive Board in my classroom. Did I mention that not all the parts have come with it? Or that my Mac to run it might not arrive until October? There’s plenty of things to poke fun at with my webcomic.

Here is the second Smartypants Board comic, which returns to Boolean’s obsession with the elusive Dancing Chicken video that he always wants to play on school computers:

Peace (with smarts),

Mr. Teach is a bit Loopy

In my comic, Boolean Squared, the teacher — Mr. Teach — is looping with his students this year — meaning he is going with them to the next grade as their teacher. OK — so, this narrative device allows me to keep Mr. Teach in the picture for another year. I didn’t want to lose him.

Peace (in the new year),

What happens to Boolean Squared?

As some of you know, I worked out an arrangement with our regional newspaper to publish my webcomic, Boolean Squared, last year and it was a fun adventure. But, this year, with cutbacks, layoffs and other things going on at the newspaper, we decided to end the relationship. It’s a bit sad, but not too much. I accomplished what I set out to do: publish a comic about teaching and technology in a newspaper.

So, now I am figuring out some self-publishing possibilities and for now, as I create new comics, I will post them here at this blog first and then add them to my Boolean Squared website. I may eventually set  up a Boolean Squared blog so that there is an RSS feed for folks.

So, here goes — the first Welcome Back to school BS (with two more to come):

Peace (in the frames),