Boolean Squared: Urth Inside

As I was developing this Boolean Squared story about the boys pulling a prank on Mr. Teach with his GPS unit, I realized that it might be fun to have Urth (who is inside the GPS) encounter a grumpy TomTom. And I figured TomTom could talk like Bob Dole, in the third person.

Peace (in the device),

Boolean Squared: Pulling Pranks on the Teacher

I was riding in a car with a friend the other day. She uses her TomTom GPS to tell her where to drive and I kept getting startled by the voice (I have never used one before). I thought it might be funny to have the kids pull a prank on Mr. Teach by installing the voice of Urth into Mr. Teach’s GPS unit and the best person to turn to for help? Why, Jenni Peg and her mighty brain, of course.

Peace (in the prank),

Boolean Squared: JPeg and Japan

How does Jenni Peg know so much about tech? It helps that she lived in Japan, right near the sector of blocks where most of the technology gadgets that the world sees is created and sold. The area is called Akihabara and it is the heart of the gadget world. Plus, who wouldn’t want a mechanical monkey?

Peace (in the peg),

Boolean Squared: the Tech Cabal and Jenni Peg

The boys begin to realize the potentially powerful mind of Jenni Peg in Boolean Squared today. Have no fear, though, she will soon become one of the gang as they all play a trick on Mr. Teach (that sequence comes later this week). I wrote Urth today talking about new ideas because I found myself running a bit short. Ack.

Peace (in the ideas),

Boolean Squared: In my old school …

My new character, Jenni Peg, gives Boolean some info about her old school where the most interesting part of her learning experience was done in spite of the teacher. I hope that is not the case in your classroom. Or mine.

Peace (in the frame),

Boolean Squared: Girl Tech Power

I am still introducing my new Boolean Squared character, Jenni Peg (Jpeg), and she gets some questions from Boolean. She also lets it be known that she won’t be a meek and quiet girl, but don’t worry — she will not become some annoying genius, either. Like any new kid, she is just trying to stake out her turf.

Peace (in the peg),

Introducing … Jenni Peg

It’s a new year and time for me to introduce another character to my webcomic, Boolean Squared. Since the comic has been overrun with mostly boys in the main roles (Mom and Cylene the Cyborg are girls, by the way), I was asked (by Tina) to add some another female character.

I had been mulling over the idea of adding a new student to the class so it made sense for her to be a girl. I want the new student to be smart, a bit prickly, and much younger than Boolean and Urth — sort of a technology prodigy who has advanced up a few grades.

Her back-story will involve living in Japan for a bit, so that she can talk about the block of businesses and vendors in Tokyo where all cool new tech is introduced to the world.

I asked my PLC network for some cool names for my new character, and Jennifer Brandon — who also came up with the idea for the i-invention that Boolean created earlier — suggested Jenni Peg, or Jpeg. I loved that and would never have come up with that myself. Plus, using Jennifer’s name gives her some props for helping me out with idea.

So, introducing: Jenni Peg

Peace (in the frames),