Making Learning Connected: The FAQ Comic Collection

Over at the Making Learning Connected MOOC (which launches this coming week!), I created a few webcomics to illustration our Frequently Asked Questions page. It was a way to have some fun, but also get information out about what participants might be wondering about. Here is the collection:
FAQ Collection
Come join the adventure by signing up (it’s free!) for the Making Learning Connected MOOC adventure this summer.

Peace (in the frames),


The Digital Poster Collection: Making Learning Connected MOOC Teasers

And our collection of teasers for this summer’s Making Learning Connected MOOC continues …
The digital poster can be accessed directly:
You can now sign up at the Making Learning Connected website: The activities launch on June 15, and we want to invite you to join everyone in a summer of learning, making and fun.
Peace (in sparking your interest),

Making a Comic for Making Learning Connected MOOC

Here’s another teaser to get you interested in the upcoming Making Learning Connected MOOC program that we are launching in a few weeks:

You can also access the comic here.
Or check it out here:
Making Learning Connected Comic Teaser
(Personally, I like the flash comic version the best.)
And here is the site where you can sign up to get more information about the Making Learning Connected project this summer:
Peace (in the MOOC),

The Educator Innovator Movement


This is very exciting. The National Writing Project, in partnership with a number of other organizations, has officially launched its Educator Innovator website and activities. I am involved in one piece of the larger puzzle — I am a facilitator with the upcoming Making Learning Connected MOOC — but there are a lot of neat things unfold through the Educator Innovator network, including grant opportunities, partnerships, and more.

As the site says:

“Educator Innovator provides an online “meet up”  for educators who are re-imagining learning. Educator Innovator is both a blog and a growing community of educators, partners, and supporters. If we want to educate a generation of young people to be innovators — to create, build, design, and use their talents to improve their world — we need to value the creative capacity in the mentors and teachers who support them.”

I’m in with that. You?

If so, you can sign up to receive a newsletter and explore some of the activities. Did I mention our MOOC? It might be a great place to get started as you align yourself with as an Educator Innovator (although I bet you already are — still, here’s a chance to connect with others.)

Peace (in the sharing),


The Making Learning Connected Video Game Teaser

MakingLearningConnected Game Map
We’re trying to keep things light and fun as we share out teasers for our summer Making Learning Connected MOOC adventure. As such, I built a video game in Gamestar Mechanic and I invite you to play, and learn more about the summer activities and Connected Learning. We’ll be sharing out information soon about how to sign up and participate. For now, we are hoping to spark your interest.

Play the game by clicking on the Game Map above or on this link … right here. Or, play the game as embedded in this post (if your device allows you).


Peace (in the maze),
PS — the signup is now open:

Paper Airplane Bloopers

If you have ever done a video project with students, you may notice how much they love bloopers. I’ve had kids who have finished a project and then asked, Can we make bloopers? As if bloopers were something planned instead of unexpected. They would actually stage the bloopers. And yet, bloopers add a real sense of fun to making movies, right? I always let them go ahead.

Anyway, I was working on a welcome video for our Making Learning Connected MOOC project (sign up now — the adventure begins on June 15), and we had this idea of paper airplanes coming into the frame. I’m not sure it is going to work. While I was filming, I had my youngest son shooting airplanes at me. Needless to say, it took us a few rounds. I didn’t get a good video, but I did get some bloopers … so why waste the footage?

Peace (in the miss and near miss),


The National Writing Project MOOC Opens its Doors

Making Learning Connected flowchart

I’ve been sharing some teasers for the past week or so about a MOOC that I am helping to design and facilitate this summer via the National Writing Project. The initial sign-up website is now up and running, and I am going to continue to share out some more of the teasers (some might even repeat, so bear with me) as we work to generate interest from friends and colleagues and others in our networks (and even random passersby). We hope the teasers give you a sense of the spirit that we hope to nurture over the summer with the Making Learning Connected MOOC.

If you are not sure, a MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course that is free of charge and takes place in various spaces around the Internet but becomes linked together through shared activities and ideas and connections. MOOCs are a hot trend right now, so you might be intrigued about what they are and how they work. You can dip your toes into the water with us this summer, and experience it for yourself.

What’s the Making Learning Connected MOOC all about? The two main themes are: integrating the Connected Learning philosophy into practice and “making” things. Our plan is to have a series of  possible “make” activities over the summer to get folks creating things (physical things and/or non-physical things) with the idea of participants guiding their own learning as it fits their needs. You can follow our plan or come up with your own plan. We’re connecting the dots between the National Writing Project’s ideal of teachers teaching teachers, the Makers Movement, and Connected Learning.

The MOOC officially begins on June 15 and runs into August but the main website where you can sign up is now live.

Head over to the Connected Learning MOOC website for more information

I really hope you can join us on this adventure this summer. We’re having fun designing the MOOC, so that you can have fun participating.

Peace (in the MOOC),