Twittering Around on 2008-02-17

  • 17 wonderful and beautiful Days in a Haiku already submitted. Still room. You? #
  • Writing a new song called "Rave it Up, Rave it Down" and struggling with the lyrics. Trying for upbeat and groovy tunes (not Looney tunes) #
  • @illyac Of course you can borrow the haiku idea. Flat fee of just a thousand smiles, plus interest. — Kevin #
  • Looking at comics my 6th graders made on cybersafety – hope I didn’t scare them off tech forever. Naw. But did message of balance get thru? #
  • Going to walk thru sleet storm to neighbors to watch NBA All-Star Game – REFUSE to give $ to cable co. beyond basic (mostly TV-free house) #
  • @susanettenheim Sounds nice, Susan. Are you writing? I wish I had ocean view, and silence, for writing. Not gonna happen here (kid chaos) #

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