Time: More Google Products

You might notice I read through a lot of magazines …

In the recent Time magazine, there is a very funny back-section feature by Evan Eisenberg that pokes fun at the idea of a Google-Universe (it all started with the Big Search) by offering up possible future Google products.

Here are a few that made me giggle:

  • Ex-Search — Find out if they are seeing anyone
  • Oogle — Stare for hours without seeming rude
  • Beagle — Find your lost dog
  • Fruedgle — Search your unconscious mind
  • Gray Matter — Map the death of your brain cells in real time
  • Blobber — Impose your consciousness on the rest of humanity — it’s easy, fast and free!
  • Garble — Translate ordinary speech into legalese, adspeak, Bushspeak and dozens more
  • Walkie — Use your mobile phone in real time to decide which foot to move next

You can access the real article here.


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