Thelonius and Tech Matters

I was asked by a colleague from the National Writing Project to donate a short movie to a promotional video he is putting together for fellows at his site around the idea of a technology institute. Brett asked if I would create something that reflected upon last summer’s Tech Matters retreat in Chico, California (where I started this blog project) and so I couldn’t resist using my clay friend, Thelonius, and a dry erase board with stop-motion (plus a wide array of hats) in my movie. That’s what you get, Brett, for asking me to contribute. 🙂

Actually, it was nice to reflect upon that experience many months later and realize that more than the tools that I was exposed to, it is the network of new friends and colleagues that remain the strongest link of the week in Chico. I am still very close to a handful of Tech Matters people (Bonnie, David, Tonya, Maria, Mary, Joe, Troy, Karen, Paul A. — among others) and that is important to me.

Here it is (wow — look, I can close my eyes!):


Peace (in video),

  1. OMG! That was incredible! You are such a creative person, weaving this and that together in new ways. Your students are so lucky to have you! That hats were especially powerful, btw.


  2. Kevin,
    I love the use of hats.
    I once used hats as a bulletin board way back when to get students to thinking about how many “hats” a person might wear. We were talking about careers and how you will probably change jobs several times and you will be doing several jobs as a contributing citizen.
    I love this video.
    I like you feel the tech network across the country was the best thing about Tech Matters 06.
    I attended a 2 hour PD activity with our art teacher daughter Saturday. It was Art and Technology. Check out my Prairielands blog for more info. I also put in the web site to see some of the DS students have produced using art work as the prompt.
    I just do not seem to get enough time to read all the good blogs.
    Mary in Missouri

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  4. Hey Kev,

    The video (and the hats) were great! You made me thing about all that we learned together and some things I haven’t worked into my repertoire, yet! Yesterday I attended the second of three days (one a month) of a county wide Emerging Technologies workshop. It was limited to 25 people, but it just isn’t the same as Tech Matters. We don’t know each other, this is the only thing we often have in common, there isn’t a community there and no one is trying to build it or give us time to build it. So far, there isn’t even much follow up. You reminded me how connected I continue to feel with the TL crowd(and I need to get my act together tonight to get on Teachers Teaching Teachers tonight) .


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