Teachers Teaching Teachers

I had the honor again of joining folks on the Teachers Teaching Teachers webcast (now a podcast) that focused on the work of the National Writing Project and came on the heels of the annual meeting in New York City. The focus of the webcast was on collaboration, but the theme soon became: how do we engage teachers in our writing projects with technology. The TTT show is run by Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim and takes place every Wednesday night at EdTechTalk.

Here are the guests who joined the conversation on this particular night:

  • Cynthia Calvert, Alcorn Writing Project
  • Jason Shiroff, Denver Writing Project
  • Lynne Culp, UCLA Writing Project
  • Kevin Hodgson, Western Massachusetts Writing Project
  • Peter Kittle, Northern California Writing Project
  • Christina Cantrill, NWP Program Associate in Technology

And here is the podcast.

Peace (in collaboration),

  1. I second that. But the rich opportunities of collaboration for those ready for it stands as a model. As a group of presenters look at what you took away with you.

    FYI, as we prepared a workshop with two other sites, one of the presenters who had been very vague on email, met us in our room and announced that he had 15 minutes of information to share and could stretch it 30 if necessary. Not a rich collaboration there, but email connections are not always enough for collaboration. We had never met before.

    From our site 4 of us prepared our section: two Si facilitators and two returning fellows and that was a rich collaboration.

    But its messy and hard but worth all the frustration, don’t you think?

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