My Annual Report: 2007

There was a contest of sorts going on over Dy/Dan’s blog in which people are sharing information about their prior year in the form of an annual report. Interesting, and inspired (yet again) by Alice Mercer, I gave it a go (although it turns out I was one day late in submitting my report — oh well):

(I used Letter Pop — a Web 2.0 site — to create these reports in a newsletter format)

What would be in your report?

Peace (in sharing),

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  2. HI Kevin,

    Two things:

    I want the CD as soon as it comes out!

    What are you going to write the play about?

    (Do you want a class to perform the play? I’m looking for a play right now–
    Was thinking of a “Lorax” themed play…or something about world change and fixing things. What are you writing about? Any ideas for where I should look for a play?)


  3. Hi Connie

    I will let you know when we do get the CD out the door. I am investigating some online MP3 stores, too, for selling individual tracks.

    I have some ideas for a play but nothing concrete. The last play I did was a musical, about a musical note who gets lost inside of a masterpiece and must find its place in the score. It was like Alice in Wonderland, but about music — full of strange characters who are part of music theory. I had the pleasure of actually seeing it performed two summers ago after it won a national competition for a local arts group. What a thrill!

    I like that idea of a play around changing the world. Hmmmm. Maybe some inspiration, particularly after watching the DVD “Stuff” (see post from last week).


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