Day in a Sentence (as couplet)

Day in Sentence IconHow is your day going? Your week?

I invite you to join our community of short-prose writers in the Day in a Sentence and boil down your week and share. (see archives) This week’s twist comes via a suggestion from one of our regulars, who asked that we try a couplet.

I am always up for poetry so let’s give it a shot. Here is how it works:

  • Think about a day of your week, or your entire week
  • Boil it down to the essence (add some spice and simmer)
  • Write a couplet (two lines that rhyme is general enough of a definition for this effort)
  • Use the comment feature on this post and submit your couplet
  • I will collect all of the writing and release them on Sunday
  • If you want to podcast your couplet, even better. You can either provide a link in your post or you can email me your audio file and I will host for you. Send the audio to dogtrax(at)gmail(dot)com.
  • Be part of the writing community! Everyone is welcome!

Here is my couplet and podcast for the week:

How many times can I shout: stay focused on your work!
before the kids begin to whisper, Mr. H has gone berserk.

Peace (in rhyme),

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