The Staff Talent Show: Stray Cat Strut

I should have know someone would have videotaped our staff act at the Talent Show and put it up on YouTube. I don’t mind. In fact, it allows me to share it with you (I shared it with all of my students today since some of them did not attend the event).

That’s me on the saxophone — in white shirt and black hat. And we are playing live — no lip syncing for us. Everyone on stage is a member of our staff, except the drummer, who is a friend of the staff (he drums for us whenever we have a need).

Peace (as a real cool cat),

  1. That was hysterical. I think school talent shows and other activities which allow the students to see their teacher in a different light are so wonderful. My husband is loves playing in the student/teacher basketball game.
    A full hard drive threw me off my coComment game, but I’m back.

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