We The People Virtual Art Museum

Yesterday, the fifth grade classes held their annual Living History Museum (students dressed up as and acted as people from history) and the Virtual Art Museum Project that I helped from a technology angle went on display, too. We had a line of laptops along the wall, with headphones jacked in, and visitors to the event listened to the podcasts that were based on famous American paintings. The project was funded through a grant.

There were some annoying glitches (low batteries on some laptops, etc) but overall, the art teacher and librarian, and the student podcasters, did an outstanding job on this project. It seemed like a lot of the people listening in , including parents, were impressed.

We also just released the website where all of the podcast/videos can be viewed by the public.

Head to the We The People Virtual Art Museum to experience the podcasts.

Peace (in collaboration),

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  1. Kevin,
    Please let the faculty and students know that the We the People Virtual Art Museum podcasts will be shared at an art/social studies workshop I will be conducting with a colleague at the University of South Alabama June 30th. Thanks for the great ideas! I’m sure the teachers will be as inspired as I am.


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