Writing Processes of Digital Storytelling

Here is the workshop that I co-presented at the National Writing Project Annual Meeting a few weeks ago in San Antonio. I had a wonderful co-facilitator in Pen Campbell and the discussions were just wonderful, even in a large cavernous room with about 50 people.

Our focus was on the writing element of digital stories, but we also had long discussion on the elements of digital stories. I’ve included the podcasts of the session, if you are interested, and the website that was the heart of this session is a collaboration between NWP and Pearson Foundation that Pen and I were part of. You can view the website (still in beta) here. This presentation is also now part of my own collection of workshops around writing and technology.

Also, the short video examples that we shared are not in this presentation. Sorry.

(go to presentation)

Listen to the Podcast of the workshop:

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  1. I am having with the Beta version, I think but I am so happy to have this resource. It’s of great interest to me and my work, with teachers of writing as well. They are very reluctant revisers of their digital stories.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I have been given the task of creating a presentation on digital storytelling to a group of educators with little technological practice in their teaching. Presenting the notion that writing for an authentic audience to create student engagement is definitely at the heart and soul of this art form. Wish me luck!

  3. Hey Kevin, I looked at the slideshow of your presentation and will watch the whole thing later. (I’ve been blog-reading for 2 hours now and the fire is going out!) Have you seen this site?
    I’m going to try the 60 second story with one of my classes. (Check out his story, “Dominoe” — it’s awesome!) Thanks for the comment on slowblogging. Clay at Beyond School is ripping it up with that topic. Quite interesting…
    Oh yeah, the fire! ~T-Dawg

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