Making StopMotion, the easy way

Thanks to Matt, I found a great resource for Stop-Motion movie creation. Included in the site was a link to this video, which shows how you can use MovieMaker (part of the Windows operating system) to create stop-motion movies (with just a digital camera).

Why am I sharing this? Well, George Mayo and I have been developing the Longfellow 10 site for stop-motion movies for students and we really would love to have some other schools involved. Are you interested? Do you need a mentor? George and I can help (drop me an email at dogtrax(at)gmail(dot)com if you want). There are great learning opportunities for your students when they plan, film, edit and produce their own movies.

This short video walks you through the steps for a basic movie process:

And this link brings you to a more advanced tutorial that is well worth the watching. Finally, this is the original link that Matt sent me, which has 50 stop motion movies that will boggle yer mind.

Peace (in frames),

  1. Thanks for this Kevin. I’d love to try it. Maybe it’ll be impetus to learn to use iMovie. Do you use it with your students? Seems like you’d need several digital cameras to use it in the classroom.

  2. Hey guys,

    Lynn, we use iMovie to create our LF10 stop-motions. We use both cameras and video cameras. Like Kevin mentioned here, we would be happy to help or answer any questions. My LF10 students meet practically everyday after school, and we could Skype if needed. Either way, it would be awesome to have some new LF10 members. You can e-mail me at mrmayo dot org at gmail. or twitter me @mrmayo.

  3. I created this Google Doc as a broad outline for using iMovie to create stop-motion films:

    I also have a wiki site with music and sound effects resources:

    We’re learning as we go. We would be happy to Skype with anyone and share how we do our stop-motion films. The best way to learn is to just GO FOR IT! Another teacher in my school, that’s also part of LF10, did his first class stop-motion project a few weeks ago. He had never tried it before, now he’s an expert. Check out some of his 8th grade student videos:

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