What Queries Guide You?

This week, Day in a Sentence became Day in a Question. I’ll just let the questions speak for themselves this week. (What? No answers?)

  • What impact did I make on the lives of the twenty-one WCCA seniors who graduated Friday night? — Cynthia
  • When much of what we have taken as truths are being questioned, how do we prepare our students for an uncertain future? — Mary F.
  • Through what hoops will the state make us jump in order to make sure we haven’t left any children behind? — Chris
  • Why does it pour when it rains? — Eric
  • Do I avoid a stressful situation I seem to have extricated myself from (a football team worthy of a box-office dramedy screenplay), or jump back in with the promises from them that it will get better? — sara
  • Is the craziness surrounding Portfolios really worth the product? — April
  • Who helped you in your learning this week? Tracy
  • What are the elements of a class’ atmosphere that the students would say are most important for a feeling of safety-in-learning, collaboration, creativity, comfort, joy, and risk-taking in learning?Connie
  • What is the sound of 100,000 teachers not clapping? — David
  • If I stop engaging with the Luddites, then how can I help my organization move forward? Kathryn
  • At this time of the year I always wonder if being in a child centered project based classroom this year will really prepare my kids for the lecture based teacher centered classrooms of high school?Paul
  • How do you put aside a “blah” week and start anew? –– Me.

And two sketchcasts from Jo and Ken:

Peace (in collaboration),

  1. Hi Kevin,
    I love this format–
    Day in a Question. Let’s do it again!
    Thanks for all you do to enrich our days, make us more peaceful, form connections.
    Just hearing everyone’s questions everyone has has me feeling more at ease.
    I wonder: is everyone wondering all the time?

  2. I’m intrigued to know the details that prompted David’s question…”What is the sound of 100 000 teachers not clapping.”
    First of all where was he when he was surrounded by 100 000 teachers, and what kind of situation was it where he would expect to hear teachers clapping but they all decided not to do so…. Sounds awful.


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