Your Days in Haiku as Comic Book Collection

Some of you know I sing the praises of ToonDoo regularly. I find it easy to use, with a wealth of resources. And I had my students do Comic Strip Poetry recently, so it made sense to take all of the wonderful Day in a Haiku submissions and use ToonDoo to create a comic book of your words. I hope you enjoy it and that I was respectful to your ideas (I worried about the tone of the comics for some of the poems).
Here you go:
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direct link to the comic book is here.
Peace (in frames),

  1. Thanks Kevin for this innovative adaptation of “Day in a Sentence”. I enjoy using toondo and I did not know that it would make comic books. Great idea.

  2. That was brilliantly done and it gives me one more tool to mess around with. You’ve been talking about TooDoo for a while but this is my first time seeing it. Very cool indeed.

  3. And here’s one more in honor of your brilliant ideas and great motivation to share with others!

    Creative Kevin
    Inspires us once again
    Sharing words as art.

    A round of applaus for you!!!


  4. Loved it. Ideas about how I can adapt this for my classrooms are running through my brain. Once again you have outdone yourself!

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