“I want to make a movie, daddy”

This morning, my five year old son said: “I want to make a movie.”

Well … OK then. We grabbed the laptop, plugged in the webcam and started shooting a Knights in the Castle movie together. He moved the pieces and I clicked the mouse.

We moved the video over to Moviemaker (I took out a few of his hands) and then he narrated it.

This was all within about 20 minutes. I like how it came out. You?

I guess my point is that moviemaking can be easy and fun, even for a five year old.

Peace (in the castle),

  1. The best part is you had fun with your son doing something he initiated and you both could work on. Thanks for sharing what turned out to be a quick movie. It certainly had plenty of food for thought on Rowan’s end. He’ll be asking again soon.

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