Podcasting Poetry with Myna

I found out about a new music editing program that may rival Garageband but — thankfull for me, the PC user — is located all online and is free. The site is called Myna and it is part of the Aviary suite of applications.

This morning, I wrote a poem in my head about walking my dog out in the darkness of morning and then came back, launched Myna,  and had this podcast poem in no time at all. Like Garageband, you can pull loops from a large database, and you can add effects to your voice.

But, unlike Garageband, Myna also gives you the embed code for your mixed down audio tracks.

So, here goes:

And here is a video tutorial on using Myna:

I wonder how we might use this with our students because if it is easy enough to use, then I would replace this application with Audacity. I love Audacity and have used it for years, but this Myna brings ease of recording and podcasting to a new level.

Peace (in the sound),

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