Launching into Webcomics

Today, I am introducing my four classes of sixth graders to our closed ToonDooSpace site that I intend to use throughout the year. We beta-tested the site last Spring and my students absolutely loved the ease and creativity of creating their comics on this platform. (ToonDooSpaces is different from the public ToonDoo, by the way, as it is closed and secure. I would not bring my students to the regular ToonDoo site, as it often has inappropriate content.)

I’m going to get them started with a quick tutorial and then, they are creating a comic that uses at least three of the vocabulary words from this week’s list (We use Wordly Wise as our vocab study). Yesterday, I handed out a comic rough draft sheet (basically, a page with empty boxes) and their homework was to do a rough version of the comic they will make today.

I have created student accounts for everyone, and their first step will be change the password I generated for them. Then, they get to launch into creating comics. After I mentioned it yesterday, a number of students came up and asked how to get on the site. I love that excitement.

I worry about time, and having enough of it, but we’ll see how it goes.

Here is the sample that I made with four of our words (arid, humid, terrain and inhabit):

Peace (in the frame),

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