Let ’em create …

Last week, I introduced my students to our closed ToonDoo Comic Site and set them free. We did a mini-lesson around our vocabularly words, but to be honest, we barely had time for them to create much. But they were so excited when I said they could create comics at home from the site, if they wanted.

I guess they wanted …

This weekend, I have been monitoring a bunch of activity on the site, with a few dozen comics being created by a large number of students. Most of them comics are just exploration, although one posted a comic without any dialogue and began asking for others to provide the text through the use of the comment box. Neat.

I liked this one because it says a lot about this class of students. They are nice kids and open to a lot of differences amongst them. In the comment part of this comic, a lot of students wrote that they loved this comic and noted “how true” the message is.

Peace (in and outside of the box),

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