Day One: 30Poems30Days

30poems iconIt is November 1 and I am off and running with my first poem for the 30Poems in 30Days charity challenge. The idea is to gather sponsors who will pay a token amount of money per poem that you write, and all the proceeds will go to support a local organization that helps immigrant families with a wide range of services.

The poem project was launched by our city’s poet laureate, Leslea Newman, and I have 15 sponsors already. You can still add your name to the mix by using my Google Form. The benefit? You get your name on my Google Poetry Map.

And, so, without further adieu, here is my first poem of the month:

I’m plunging into poetry:
here, you hold my gear
while I extend my fingers
into the deep recess of my mind
where I’ll try to ferret out some treasure
amidst the chaos
and turn it into words.

Listen to the podcast of the poem, too.

See you tomorrow!

Peace (in the poems),

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