Day Six: 30poems 30days

(Poet’s note: I was touching the pad of my iTouch the other day and suddenly had this wave of memories of buying vinyl as a kid. Thus, this poem)

Remember when:
you’d sit around on the floor
with the album cover open on your outstretched legs,
reading everything from liner notes to lyrics
and experiencing the music, visually;
or when the songs on the eight track player would spill over
into the next one like some unexpected
mash-up with overlapping beats and voices
creeping around like dust in the attic;
or how you had to carve up your mother’s scotch tape
in order to sticky-fix the cassette that came un-spooled in your lap
while the cat played with it from down below?
Now, you tap your fingers on the screen
in order to access the music from some far-away database
in such a way that no effort is required
other than the listening,
and the cat is nowhere to be found but in the past.

Listen to the podcast poem

Peace (in the past),


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