Literature Projects on Glogster

Today, I am hopeful that all of my students will finish up their Three Cups of Tea literature projects on our Glogster site. (see my earlier reflections on the process). We’ve run into time issues (not enough of it) and some audio issues (difficult to upload podcasts and the other day, all of the audio files got jammed up at the Glogster site), but for the most part, almost everyone is on the verge of completing their Three Things about Three Cups of Tea project.

And I need to get this done because now, in science, they are going to be using Glogster to create posters for a bridge as part of their Engineering class and part of their Bridge Construction/Destruction project. My science teacher colleague has been tinkering with Glogster this weekend, gearing herself up for the plunge into technology.

Here is one of the student’s Three Cups of Tea Projects. My goal now is to figure out a way to publish all of the projects in an easy format — a website of some kind.

Peace (on the glog),


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