Getting ready for Dublin (Ohio)

In a few weeks, I am off to Dublin, Ohio, for an exciting weekend event — the Dublin Literacy Conference. I have been asked by the wonderful folks over at A Year of Reading (Franki and Mary Lee) to come as a presenter, which is a great honor. And the event looks fantastic, too.

I like the conference tag line:  “Celebrating 21st Century Literacy as part of our 21st Year Hosting the Conference.”

Presenters and speakers at the conference include  Tim Tyson, Katie Van Sluys, and Ann Marie Corgill.  Children’s authors in attendance will include Melissa Sweet, Patrick Carman, David J. Smith and Denise Fleming.

I’ll be doing sessions around digital picture books and using webcomics in the classroom. But I am most interested in a family session that runs at the conference for parents and their children. I offered to show how to create stopmotion movies.

Imagine my surprise (good surprise) when Franki mentions to me that about 150 people have signed up for that session, with about 2/3 of them being kids. Wow. Now, I need to think of ways that not only can I get info out to the crowd, but also get the crowd working on something that we can quickly make into a movie. I am leaning towards handing out Wiki Stix, having people make characters and then create a parade of strange people (the wikistix folks, not the participants) as a movie.

This will be an interesting experience, for sure.

Peace (in the stix),

  1. Dublin is very excited about your upcoming arrival! I have been strongly encouraging people to register for your sessions so others can learn from you!

  2. I got to hear you in Philly at ncte, have been following your posts about Glogster, and will now get to see/hear you again in Dublin — it’s a perfect trifecta!

  3. What a cool challenge to try and come up with a stop-motion project for 150 people! Wow. So many possibilities. I must say I’m a bit envious of your task right now. Curious to see what you come up with. Maybe you could have all the participants make different shapes and sizes that move around. Squares that turn in to circles. Circles that expand and contract. Straight lines that just move up and down the frame. You should have a bit of clay to mix in with the wiki stix as well. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! George

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