Brain full of Concert details

My head is swimming with the details (and chords and lyrics) for our Benefit Concert scheduled for tomorrow night. There is some snow forecast (darn you, Mother Nature!) but I think we should be OK for the concert. It would be a pain to cancel and reschedule, given the number of acts of student and staff musicians on hand. (The Concert is raising money for Pennies for Peace and book donations for schools in New Orleans).

Yesterday, I was so happy because our librarian, Pati, agreed to sing my Haiti song for the concert and we practiced a bit yesterday. She has a lovely voice and I am excited to use a new song for the event.

Take a listen to the demo of “I Fall Apart.”

I hope to enlist a student to run my videocamera, so we can create¬† a video of the event. We’ll see ..

Peace (in the concert),

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