The Return of Day in a Sentence


Wow. What happened to Day in a Sentence? It went on a little snoozer, I guess, as I kind of stepped away from the idea for a bit. But I miss seeing what folks write about when they mull over their day or week.

So, let’s do a Day in a Sentence, shall we? But I want to use AnswerGarden again for collecting answers, so: let’s do DAY IN A SHORT PHRASE (or word) as AnswerGarden has a character limit.

Here’s how it works:

  • Reflect on your day or your week;
  • Boil it down into a word or a short phrase;
  • Pop your response into our Day in a Sentence AnswerGarden (or use the embedded AnswerGarden down below);
  • (optional): After your response has gone in, add your first name to AnswerGarden, too, so we can see who has been contributing.
  • You’re done!

Thanks for contributing!

Peace (in the sharing),

What is Your Day in a Word or Phrase?… at

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