This Super Book is Super Valuable

A whole bunch of folks added to this free ebook resource, The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators, which maps out various technology tools across grade levels, and provides a valuable narrative to the rationale for using the tool. Thanks to all the folks who added their knowledge to this book, which is available for download or for embedding/sharing. And thanks to Richard Byrne, of Free Technology for Teachers, for organizing the effort.

The contributors to The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators:
George CourosPatrick LarkinKelly TenkelyAdam BellowSilvia Tolisano,Steven AndersonCory PloughBeth StillLarry FerlazzoLee Kolbert, and Richard Byrne.

Peace (in the book),

  1. Where to Begin

    As a person changing careers to become a teacher, and having been removed from Silicon Valley for a decade now, I was impressed in viewing your blog at how much technology has changed and at how effectively you represent technology applications through your blog. In your teaching career, have you found any particular technology medium for teaching in the classroom which you would say has become indispensable and an integral tool to include in classroom learning.

    • I can’t point to a specific tool, Kevin, but I can say that the lens that I try to use technology includes the questions of: how does this help the learning objectives, is it accessible and usable for all my students and will it help my students become “composers” of writing with these new tools?
      Good luck on your own journey

  2. Kevin,

    Thank you so much for the kind words about the ebook. It was truly a pleasure to put it together. I learned a lot from the other contributors and I hope all of your readers do too.

    All the best,

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