Puppet Plays as Radio Plays

As our collaborative puppet play writing groups are finishing up scripts, I have been teaching them how to use Audacity to record their plays as “radio shows” that are then posted at our class blog site. This recording has a few objectives:

  • They get to learn Audacity;
  • They keep practicing their plays;
  • They are making revisions to the scripts as they “hear” themselves;
  • They get to publish their plays before they perform them;
  • A few of the groups are realizing that they can add sound effects as they record;
  • Others realize that their play is visual and an isolated audio file doesn’t do their story justice;
  • All four classes get to hear what friends in other classes have been up to with their plays.

One of the best purchases I have made are a hand of  little headphone jacks, which allow two headphones to connect to one computer. We’ve been stringing them together like Christmas lights so that groups of four can all huddle around a single computer and record, and listen.

Here is one of the plays, along with the beginning of the script.
Listen to Mucho Taco Day.

Mucho Taco Day

Peace (in the plays),

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