NWP Sells off Vowels!

nwp sells off vowels
I’ve been disheartened by the news of the National Writing Project losing its federal funding. But there’s no better time for humor, right? I woke up this morning with a funny story of NWP selling off vowels as a fundraiser. So, I headed off to the Newspaper Clip Generator site to make this. I hope you get a laugh out of it and then make some phone calls to support the National Writing Project with your representatives and senators.

Peace (in the best medicine),

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog (Downton Abbey bit). And thanks for that image–but no tea drinking for me when working near my precious quilts. (Besides that I don’t like tea.) I streamed down the series on Netflix, as I don’t watch too much TV either–we don’t have cable and don’t really like much of what’s on there, except for PBS, which is also targeted for funding reductions. It seems odd that the things we teachers value most–like NWP, PBS, early childhood education, and certainly a decent salary and benefits–are what’s being targeted lately by cutbacks. I feel like I’m living in an upside-down world. I have written letters to my congressman, but wonder at their efficacy.

    As you note, the trick is to keep going–with hope and a lot of humor. Love the clip–thanks for the upbeat post in a sea of bad news.

    Elizabeth E.

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