Slice of Life: Atomic Blur

(This is part of the Slice of Life Challenge over at Two Writing Teachers)

Yesterday, we spent about an hour beginning our class discussions about our game of Quidditch (which we play at our school every year). The choosing of a team name can be tricky, but like most everything with my class this year, the process went rather smoothly. I love this class. We brainstormed about 20 possible names, went through a voting process and narrowed it down to a name that they all seemed to like.

We are Atomic Blur.

I can’t help but wonder if the situation in Japan has influenced their name choice. Another team is Biohazard, and a third (whose name escapes me right now) also seems to hint at the disaster in Japan.

Today, I am going to have them write fictional “back stories” to the names of their teams, suggesting they invent a superhero character with the name of their team. I jumped onto our webcomic site this morning and quickly created this one as a starting point.
Atomic Blur

Peace (in the blur),

  1. Your annual Quidditch. I love hearing about their creation from start to finish. It’s reassuring that traditions continue. I’m wondering too, how kids are absorbing the world events: Japan, Egypt, Libya…

  2. Peace (in the blur) — this is what I need to hear today. 🙂

    Did you see the Harry Potter cake Donalyn Miller shared on Twitter a few weeks back? I’m glad to know HP is still alive and well.

    Glad to be slicing with you,

  3. This is rather interesting. You hath piqued my interest! I love the name Atomic Blur. I can only imagine the process involved in developing a team name, let alone deciding collectively. I am intrigued at the concept of Quidditch on the ground – this could lead somewhere you know. A new recognized sport? A new league? A new game of the Olympics? Maybe I’m thinking too much into this. 🙂 Have fun and good luck!

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