Connecting Student Essays to Media/Technology

As my students wind down their work on their persuasive/environmental science essay projects, they are also beginning to work on the accompanying “media project” that will complement the message of their essay through some other means. It may involve technology, but it may not, too. Right now, some are working on Glogs; some are working are webcomics; some are developing Powerpoint presentations; others are shooting and editing video; and others are doing some traditional posters and 3D projects (one girl is developing a model of the three worst nuclear disasters in the world).

I shared the three samples that I did with them last week for my essay on Fuel Cell Technology. What I wanted them to see is that while the platform may change, the message of supporting research into this alternative fuel is something that remained constant. How to use media to create a rhetorical, argumentative stance is what this is all about.

Here is my Glog:

Here is my Webcomic:

Here is my Powerpoint:

Peace (in the argument),

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