Introducing .. The ELA Common Core

I created this Prezi for an inquiry group around the Common Core (ELA), trying to give a sense of the overall structure of the document, the shifts that are taking place, and where we are heading with it. If it helps you frame the Common Core, then feel free to use it.

Peace (in the sharing),

  1. The implementation of Common Core Standards across the country is a good idea.In theory,this will allow an even playing field when it comes time for students to enter college.In order for these new standards to be implemented successfully,I believe teachers need to embrace these changes,incorporating these standards into their already solid teaching practices. The changes should take place slowly so as not to bombard students,parents and teachers with undo stress.Change can often frighten or overwhelm people. Positive and consistent support should be available to administrators,teachers,students,and parents in order to insure a smooth transition. Transition being the optimal word. Most teachers have been using these standards all along, such as reading for information or writing across all content areas.With available support and transparency,especially for parents,I feel these standards will be effective.

    • Let’s hope so … I think many of us are waiting for the assessments to be folded out to figure out where things stand with the Common Core implementation expectations in the classroom.

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