Please Play My Game: Planet Portal

If you have a moment, can you play this video game that I made? It’s a “mentor text” for a digital literacies workshop and I want to show my high school students how you can use the “stats” function in Gamestar Mechanic. But I need to have enough people playing through to gather enough stats to show.

Play Planet Portal

Peace (in the game),

  1. I played a bunch of times, Kevin. I like games, but don’t do much, so couldn’t figure it all out. I kept going down that shaft & then getting stuck. Tried to attack the creatures, but usually only managed one before I was destroyed. Fun times!

    • Thanks — it OK that you didn’t get all the way through, since I need the stats to show fails as well as wins. I appreciate that you took the time, Linda.

  2. I was also stuck in the ditch with no idea of how to proceed. I do not play any video games so even the basic moves elude me. I’ll stop now so your stats don’t put the game into the “impossible” realm

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