All in for Audio at DS106

Headless Legos
What have I been up to this past week with the Headless DS106? Other than watching my son create freeze-frame zombie scenes all around the first floor of our house with his Lego collection (Seriously, they are everywhere, and none of them have heads right now, and they all look like they are about to start marching …)

I am helping to facilitate a “DS106 Radio Show” team on the theme of hacking and disruption with technology. We are The Merry Hacksters and I am hoping we can pull it all together. The folks on the team joined in Google Docs, and we have a working document underway, and our show will eventually be about 20 minutes long.

I created this comic as a title icon, but I don’t know if the others like it.
Merry Hacksters Title DS06
And I am planning two podcast segments. The first involved my sixth grade classroom, and I worked on that for a few days this week. I had my students “hacking the game of chess” as I walked around with my voice recorder to capture a “sound story” of their creativity in bloom, and discussions underway. I then recorded a voice-over, with the kids mix as my background track, ending with a short bit of just listening to the students. Here is a little teaser of the sound story element.

Meanwhile, I am asking two folks from Mozilla Foundation (Chris Lawrence and Laura Hilliger) to answer a few questions about the push towards more tools for students to remix the Web, and why that is important. We had started to talk about hosting a Skype session, but logistics and distance got in the way, so they agreed to record their answers and send me the mp3, and I will go about mixing it together.

Speaking of audio, I am working on a few podcasts for a new blogging project I am involved in, which I will explain later in October. And I worked on a short rap for the Headless Course, just for fun.

I did a few Daily Creates, too, including writing about a quiet space (always a good prompt) and capturing a transformation in time-lapse. I admitted to breaking the rules (which is OK with DS106) but bringing back a stopmotion video my son and I had done with a piece of clay that transforms into a man, and a dog (that was his idea and it was a great idea).

Peace (in the stories),

  1. I love the creations! I joined DS106 and I read through the Daily Creates but so far, nothing to report. I’m glad you are all in 🙂

  2. I love that animation! The radio ideas are fascinating as well, what a great topic. I’d love to remix the web but apparently home taping is killing music or something… How can we build on the art of others in remixing the web?

    • Great question and I think constructive remixing does just that — builds on and expands the original ideas. What we want to avoid is outright stealing, but we also want to show young people that tools are out there to remake the world in a way that is their own vision of things, not someone else’s. If I take your art and remix it, or add to it, or expand it, that is because I was inspired by your original. And I owe it to you to make sure your work and you as the artist are recognized for it. But art should help us all grow — and remixing is one way to engage with art in a positive way.

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