Slice of Life: My Immersion Learning Map


(This is part of the Slice of Life Challenge with Two Writing Teachers. We write about small moments each and every day for March. You come, too. Write with us.)

This morning, after I blog, I am heading out for the drive into Boston, for the Digital Media and Learning Conference. I am co-presenting a session around open learning, with the focus on last summer’s Making Learning Connected MOOC (CLMOOC), and how the philosophies and ethos of the National Writing Project and Connected Learning Principles helped us create and facilitate learning opportunities. I was one of the facilitators, and enjoyed every minute of it as we engaged hundreds of teachers in making, creative fun and inquiry.

I’ll share more in the coming days, no doubt, but one of the activities in our session is a Mini-Make, in which we are going to be asking folks to make a learning map. What they choose to illustrate in their map is up to them, but the idea is to chart out and probe deep about aspects of learning, and represent it in a map format of some kind.

I decided to do my own, using Coggle, an online mind-mapping tool. It worked great (and I think I owe Ian a shout-out for using it this summer and sharing the tool with CLMOOC). This map shows “my immersion” into open learning and networks over the past year or so, and some of the offshoots that have occurred as a result. It’s not a perfect representation, but it does capture a lot of footholds of my learning life.
My Immersion Map

What would be on your learning map? How would you design it?

Peace (in the mapping),

  1. Have fun at your digital conference. The mapping sounds interesting. I’ll have to check out its features. Makes a pretty map!
    I also want to thank you for the phrase stealing poem you created from one of my posts “riding imaginary horses”. I loved it! And it was so true!

  2. Hey Kevin,

    This is really cool. I love the Coggle idea and will have to check it out. I think it would be very helpful for me to take a look at how my mind works and how I learn, which, from the NWP perspective, is exactly what I want to do!



  3. I really like the idea of creating a map about my learning. Will check out Coggle. Look forward reading more about the conference in the coming days.

  4. Loved the mind map. It was a great compliment to your information about your upcoming PD. I will also check out Coggle…hadn’t heard of it yet.

  5. Ahh, only live 2 hrs away from Boston I could have met you in person. TOOO COOOL!
    Love the Coggle mind map. Haven’t seen that one before. Love knew tools. My Superintendent and HS Librarian attended last year. Hope to see what wowed you at the conference.

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