The Random Connector Generator

For the entire month, we’ve been collecting and posting daily ideas for making connections as an offshoot of the Connected Courses. The aim was to find fun ways to get folks to collaborate with each other, modeled on the ever-wonderful Daily Create from DS106. Our Daily Connect ends today, but really, nothing ever ends on the Internet, right?

So, we created a Random Daily Connector button. Push the button on this image (via Thinglink) and it will bring you to one of the 30 ideas for connecting. We hope the Daily Connector site is a legacy project for the Connected Courses participants and others, something that lives on into the future as a resource that can be shared, remixed and used whenever you feel you need a bit of connections in your life.

Peace (in the randomness of the connectiveness),

PS — Thanks to Maha, Simon, Laura and others for helping to get the Daily Connector off the ground on October 1. We pulled it together rather quickly but the site seemed to be effective. And thanks to Alan for technical advice her and there, and as always, everywhere.

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  1. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for making it real. I was looking at the ccourses aggregator and there are blog posts spurred on by the daily connect from people who haven’t been necessarily vocal in other discussion/social spheres. That is really inspiring and so valuable to bring people together around the theme of the course/movement. If you were in my son’s class you’d be star of the week… but as grown-ups a hearty thank you goes your way!

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