Annotating a Connected Song

The other day, I shared out my tribute song to my various communities, in the form of an animated music video of sorts. It is my way of saying thanks to people who inspire me all year in various online homes.

I decided to show a bit of where the song writing came from, and used my comic app to annotate the original piece of paper. My songwriting process is very messy, musically and physically. I am constantly scratching on and scratching out words, drawing lines to show movement of phrases and verse/chorus, and yet, I often take photos of the paper later, to keep a trail of the song.

Annotating a Connected Song

So, if you are interested, I tried to reconstruct the writing of the song with annotated notes before I forget it all (which I am bound to do). Thanks for being part of my network as a visitor here. This song is for you.

Here is the audio-only version, too. Feel free to remix.

Peace (in the script),

  1. My red felted feet are all over your song. Responding as I walked through the river of your song, inspired to exhale in a tributary of my own.

    The anti-spam for today is “dub gulps”–a neo hiphop genre?

  2. Hi Kevin,
    I came to this post via the ds106 flow on the open course Unit 3 mission to comment on other work. I have to include the #talkingopen106 tag. It’s essentially forced participation lol.
    The annotations on your lyric sheet are really useful in drawing attention to how you write a song in a way that you wouldn’t get from just seeing the working out. Perhaps you should continue visualising your songs as kinetic typography.

  3. Hi Kevin … Thanks so much for your animated video tribute to those who have inspired you over the past year. In fact, it was your earlier comment and this blog post which inspired me to write today’s “Sharing the Light” “Teacher Feature” at: You are to be commended for your willingness to share your insights as you progress along your learning journey. I’m sure that your students are quite lucky to have you as their teacher because you are willing to learn along with them.

    Thanks for caring and sharing.

    Take care & keep smiling 🙂 Brian

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