We’re Digging into the Great Outdoors

rangerme collectionI am fortunate to have been asked to help facilitate the last Make Cycle of the Making Learning Connected MOOC with some new friends from the US National Park Service, which is nearing its 100th anniversary celebration next year. Together, we are asking participants and teachers alike to get outside and explore their local parks and open spaces, and reconnect to the world.

Our main collaborative project this week is a map. Called GeoTag Your Space, we’re hoping that folks take pictures, shoot videos, write poems, or whatever inspired them, and that they come back to add a tag to the collaborative map. You go explore, too, and then come back to collaborate with us by adding your own pin and media to the map. Need help with pins and media? Here is a tutorial designed to help walk you through some of that.

How about doing a RangerMe make project? Take this image (please) and add your face into the circle, and then share it out. It will depend upon your operating system, but some folks are just using a simple photo editing program to grab their face from one image and layering it on this template. Rangerme Template

See you outside!

If you are interested, come join the various conversations about this Make Cycle:

  • Join our Make With Me live broadcast with chat tonight (Tuesday, July 28) at 7p ET/4p PT/11pm UTC live streamed with a synchronous chat here at CLMOOC. This session will also be recorded so you can watch the archive later.
  • We will be hosting a Twitter Chat for Make Cycle #1 on Thursday, July 30 at 7p ET/4p PT/11pm UTC with the #clmooc hashtag

Peace (in the walk),


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  1. Thanks for starting this Cycle off with a couple of simple Makes. A few people have requested it, it’s fun, and it is helpful to get people interconnected.

    dr coined

    My Dr. coined a term for my ailment; she called it oldage.

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