Book Review: Plotted (A Literary Atlas)

I love the whole concept of this book, Plotted: A Literary Atlas. Illustrator Andrew DeGraff uses his skills as an artist and mapmaker to create an atlas of the imagination, drawn from famous literary works. Daniel Harmon provides some of the written context, but it is DeGraff’s wonderful evocative maps of books such as The Odyssey, Hamlet, Watership Down and more that are bound to draw you into the fictional worlds and let you wander.

One of the more bolder and pivotal maps, I think, is the literary map of Frederick Douglas, where DeGraff shapes the history of this great man from Slavery to Freedom to Advocacy, all through the path of the map that echoes of the path of the man.

And I found this video of DeGraff, sharing a video on how he made this particular map in stopmotion framing. I love the Internet!

Creating the Literary Map of “The Narrative of the Life ofFrederick Douglass” for “Plotted: A Literary Atlas”, by Andrew DeGraff from Andrew DeGraff on Vimeo.

Peace (along the lines, plotted),


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