Slice of Life: Flipping Over The Miles

(Slice of Life is a month-long writing challenge to write every day in March, with a focus on the small moments. It is hosted by Two Writing Teachers. This year, I’m going to pop in and out, but not write daily slices, as I did for the past ten years of Slice of Life. You write, too.)

“Look at the odometer,” I tell my teenage son, as we drive home from seeing the Captain Marvel movie. He leans over.

“Nine nine … nine nine nine,” he reads.

“We’re going to hit 100,000 before we get home,” I tell him.

“O …. K,” he says, as if humoring me. He queues up another Kendrick Lamar song. I drive to the thumping bass.

“It happened! Just now!” I shout, startling him. “100,000!”

“I don’t get it,” he says. “Is that good or bad?”

“Neither,” I admit. “It’s just miles on the car. But it’s not often you’ll see it flip like that. It’s not like we won a prize or anything.”

I’m satisfied, but he’s just shaking his head again, wondering about the things that sometimes get me jumping.

Peace (flip it forward),

  1. I get it…that’s a big moment. I’m approaching 200,000 on my Honda and hope I can be present to it when it happens. Your post will keep me extra alert now, I’m sure. Thanks!

  2. I think we only appreciate time markers once we learn how time can pass both quickly and slowly (sometimes at the same time). Glad you noticed it. I have missed reading your blog lately!

  3. What a milestone – and lucky you were able to see the big turn! And to share the moment with your son was a bonus. While it seems he may not appreciate this now, maybe he’ll write a slice about it someday.

  4. 100,000 is amazing
    It means you’ve taken good care of your car, you’ve traveled many days, weeks, months and years I’m assuming…I would be cheering you Kevin.
    Lol that your son wasn’t so impressed with that number. It’s likely son would have reacted the same way.

  5. Love the focus on this moment of the odometer and the differences in your reactions to it! 100,000 miles…that’s significant!

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